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Success! You are registered for a Local Spotlight Email.

Please submit the photo and description for your email feature at least 7 days prior to the send date. If materials are not provided before the send date, ActivityHero will use a photo and description from your business listing.

Photo and description details:

  • We recommend that your email photo matches the main photo on your business listing. Logos can be included on your photo. 
  • Photo should be horizontal and recommended size is 800px by 600px. 
  • Description should be less than 200 characters for the email.
  • All links in the feature will go to your ActivityHero business listing, unless you specify an individual activity you would like to highlight in your description. (i.e. you have both a summer camp and weekly classes, but want to link directly to your summer camp on your business listing)
  • Need help sizing your photo? Use this Canva template

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