Powerful Insights to Grow Your Business

Transform your business by developing new data-driven solutions. Analytics are available for both MarketingHero and SuperHero plans. 

Reach Your Goals 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a veteran teacher, the landscape it always changing. Our analytics can help you pin point the more attractive and convenient activities and sessions so you can stay competitive. 

Measure What Matters

ActitivityHero’s analytics will help you understand everything from the big picture to the small details. Access annual and monthly reports to measure progress on your activities when you upgrade to the SuperHero plan. 


Explore More Solutions


Email templates let you quickly send updates to registered families. Send marketing announcements to past customers and prospective families who found you in the marketplace.

Registration Software

Use our all-in-one registration software on your own website with no marketing fee.

ActivityHero helps me figure out the best dates to run camp, and parents say it’s easy to use. I’m so glad I started using ActivityHero — I can spend more time doing what I love, being out with the kids.

Kathy Banks, Cool Coyote Camps